Environmental Sensitivity, Sustainability, and Diversity

PanGIS is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our community and region.

SUSTAINability Statement


To conduct daily operations and manage business performance with a commitment to environmental, social, and community stewardship. The PanGIS Health and Safety Program meets or exceeds all OSHA and Cal/OSHA guidelines, and is ISNetworld Compliant Grade A.


Recycled materials and office supplies, reusable dishware, low energy appliances, equipment, and maximize natural lighting in the office setting. Use electronic devices to communicate, collect data, and maintain company logistics. Reduce waste through reuse and recycling.

Stay Online

Reduce paper waste, energy use, and unnecessary travel. Conference calls and meetings keep staff safe, off the road, and decrease carbon emissions.


Field staff can be scheduled based on proximity to the project site; minimizing fuel use, vehicle wear, and commute time. Staff is encouraged to carpool or use public transportation when appropriate to projects, professional workshops, and company events.

Allow Work Place Flexibility

Two offices located in northern and central portions of the County allow staff the option to work at the nearest location available, reducing the need for lengthy commutes around peak congestion times.


In surrounding communities. Develop sustainability programs and encourage staff to actively participate in outreach opportunities.


With local organizations promoting sustainability programs and maintain up-to-date best practices to promote the company goals of thinking and acting in a sustainable way.


PanGIS, Inc., embraces diversity by offering an environment that aims to maximize the potential of all employees by valuing diverse human qualities such as age, ethnicity, national origin, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, medical condition, income, marital or partner status, military experience, parental status, and religious beliefs.

PanGIS Diversity Values:

  • A diverse productive workforce
  • A more equitable and accessible work environment
  • An inclusive environment where all employees are valued
  • A work environment free from discrimination
  • A level playing field for employee success

Diversity in Action:

  • Woman-owned and operated
  • Women in key management roles


  • Designed a GIS Internship for Veterans
  • Employs Veterans
  • Hires and values our employees over age 40, 50, 60, 70
  • Sub-contracts to women and minority-owned firms


  • Celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of our multi-lingual staff
  • Donates to diverse causes important to staff
  • Offers on-going educational benefits to all permanent staff
  • Offers schedule flexibility to help staff or staff family members with medical conditions
  • Participates in Community Outreach events for underserved communities

Learn More:

To learn more about how PanGIS is making moves to be sustainable and diverse visit our News and Projects pages.