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Integrity, Qualified, Professional

PanGIS, Inc. (PanGIS), a California Corporation, specializes in geographic information systems (GIS) and environmental compliance services for cultural and environmental resources and land planning.

PanGIS, with integrity and respect, delivers professional environmental and geospatial mapping services needed for Cultural and Environmental Resources and Land Planning support. Staff provides the necessary services needed for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations including NHPA Section 106 and 110 compliance, NEPA, CEQA and ARPA.

The PanGIS team is comprised of expert field, historical, and public archaeologists, GIS specialists, historians, geographers, technical writers and editors. All management personnel are qualified under the Secretary of the Interior’s qualifications standards and guidelines for archaeology. PanGIS’ Contract Manager, Alice Brewster, is charged with overseeing all work conducted under any contract.

Meet Our Team


Strategic team building, creating long-term relationships

Client communication: PanGIS client communication policy includes weekly contact with all required stakeholders. This is facilitated through phone and electronic communication and continually maintained through the project lifecycle. PanGIS technical staff on-site are required to have daily communication with PanGIS management in addition to being on-call with construction and management personnel. All PanGIS staff are accessible to our clients via email or mobile phone. We are a proactive firm that is mindful of our clients’ needs, concerns, and issues. Our staff is committed to being available at all times to deal with any and all unforeseen issues that may occur. Guided by lean management principles, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions, facilitated by an efficient project management and communication system; thus, minimizing unnecessary site visits and increasing the proper utilization of project funds.

Established goals: PanGIS adheres to all policies and best practices pertinent to every project and performs all services in conformance with client requirements and expectations. Quality control policies are documented so that the understanding of the project can be shared with everyone involved. PanGIS has a quality control plan that identifies the individuals responsible for the specific procedures used to ensure the delivery of a quality product. PanGIS employees are trained and well versed in all forms of project-related accounting controls. Quality is obtained by establishing standards at the beginning of every type of work and then reviewing the work frequently to ensure the quality level is maintained. Implementation of quality relies upon the commitment and motivation of the staff managing the project. Our quality assurance program starts with qualified, well-trained staff that care about their work product. We conduct pre-construction planning with all project staff outlining expectations and responsibilities and constantly monitor work quality, making adjustments as needed. Our primary objective is to produce a quality product that adheres to all regulatory standards.

Project responsiveness: PanGIS brings an exceptional track record of success managing and completing projects for public agencies and private enterprises and is abundantly qualified to manage environmental and geospatial mapping services. PanGIS has established relationships and a proven record in assisting clients in achieving time and budget objectives. PanGIS accomplishes tasks on-time according to the schedule set by clients for all projects, regardless of scale and scope. Unexpected work is managed with the expansion of qualified staff members. PanGIS conducts a multi-level screening process to ensure that all employees have the qualifications, professional background and experience necessary to perform their specialized duties, and that they are of the highest character and integrity. The company actively uses its networking opportunities through professional memberships to find, recruit and retain high caliber employees.

Staff responsibility: PanGIS President encourages continuing education and enrichment through attendance, participation and presenting original research at regional, statewide, national and international conferences, symposiums, workshops, and more. PanGIS staff are active members and several maintain leadership roles in one or more of the following organizations: Association of Environmental Professionals, National Association of Women Business Owners, Association of Women in Water, Energy and Environment, California Geographical Society, San Diego Archaeological Center, San Diego County Archaeological Society, San Diego History Center, Society of American Archaeology, Society for California Archaeology, Society for Conservation GIS, San Diego Electric Railway Association, California Council for the Promotion of History, California Preservation Foundation, Society for Historical Archaeology, and URISA.

Company Certifications/Permits

Certified Diverse Business, Teaming Opportunities
    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
    • Caltrans (CUPC)
    • California Public Utilities (CPUC)
    • County of Los Angeles (CBE)
    • Arizona DOT (AZDOT)
    • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Small Business and Local Business
    • SANDAG Bench (A&E, CM, Planning)
    • State of Califorina DGS (EBE/SBE)
    • City of San Diego (ELBE/SLBE)
    • City of Los Angeles (SBE)
    • LA Metro (SBE)
    • Los Angeles Harbor (LBE/VSBE)
    • Metropolitan Water District (SBE)
    • Port of Long Beach (SBE)
    • Los Angeles Unified School District (SBE)
    • Los Angeles Community College District (SBE)
    • San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (LBE)
    • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cultural Resource Use Permit
  • Qualifications
    • Secretary of Interior Archaeology
    • Secretary of Interior History
    • Secretary of Interior Architectural Historian
    • FAA Section 107 Drone Pilot
    • County of San Diego
      • Historic Resources
      • Archaeological Resources
    • CA City/County Archaeology Lists
    • GISP - Geographic Information Systems Professional
    • Rail Safety Certification
    • HAZWOPER 40 Hour

Service Codes