William Hayden M.A., RPA, GISP

GIS Manager


Mr. Hayden has over 27 years of archaeological experience focused in California and Arizona with ten years of experience in archaeological Project/Field management. Since 1989, he has worked at a variety of private archaeological firms, the US Forest Service (Regions 5 & 7), CA SHPO, and the South Central Information Center, serving various roles as: archaeologist, Crew Chief, Field Director, Project Director, and GIS Manager; and has been the primary or co-author of numerous archaeological technical reports.  He has experience in overseeing multiple-phase and multidisciplinary projects, conducting and supervising field and laboratory work, documenting and evaluating cultural resources, archival research, and reporting findings and management recommendations.

Mr. Hayden is also knowledgeable in project management: development of business plans, proposals, research designs, and budgets; interfacing with clients and agency representatives (e.g., BLM, NPS, DoD, USFS, USACE, Caltrans, SHPO). More recently he has gained experience with UAS-based low-level aerial data collection and processing, including: 3D Robotics automated mission planning, Photoscan, and Pix4D software. He has been a GIS Project Manager for over twelve years and has produced GIS databases for thousands of environmental and cultural resource projects.