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Erica Arrowsmith

GIS Specialist


Ms. Arrowsmith is an associate archaeologist and a GIS specialist with 6 years of professional experience in Southern California archaeology. Ms. Arrowsmith has performed many aspects of cultural resources management for land planning, government agencies and large scale energy projects. Her tasks include Phase I literature review and record search, construction monitoring, intensive pedestrian surveys, data recovery (excavation) and archaeological photography for CEQA and NEPA environmental compliance services. She specializes in data collection in the field using a variety of GPS technologies integrated with ArcGIS. She provides post-field processing with experience
in artifact analysis, site records (DPR) and technical report writing. Ms. Arrowsmith uses ArcMap software to create maps for reports, in-field tablets and public exhibits. She creates, maintains and edits GIS databases for archaeological resources located on Federal, State, special districts and private land holdings.