Alberto Foglia M.A., RPA


GIS Specialist

Alberto Bello Foglia is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with 8 years of experience in archaeological fieldwork and research. He has conducted and participated in environmental compliance services throughout Central and Southern California. He has extensive experience in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, Kern and San Bernardino Counties. His project experience also includes investigative studies in Italy and the United Kingdom. Mr. Foglia has been involved and responsible for planning and equipping field projects, as well as conducting surveys, record searches, construction monitoring, and testing of resources to assist clients in meeting CEQA guidelines.

His archaeological thesis was peer reviewed and chosen for publication. He continues to apply the same research and theoretical methods to author technical reports and provide recommendations for cultural resource management under CEQA and NEPA. Other areas of focus and experience include GIS, where he has experience in analysis, data management and creation, terrestrial LiDAR, archaeological geophysics, and virtual heritage.