Erica Arrowsmith

GIS Specialist Archaeologist Ms. Arrowsmith is an associate archaeologist and a GIS specialist with 6 years of professional experience in Southern California archaeology. Ms. Arrowsmith has performed many aspects of cultural resources management for land planning, government agencies and large … Read More

Alice Brewster M.A., GISP

President GIS Specialist Ms. Brewster has over 28 years of experience providing professional and technical consulting services. She has been the President of PanGIS since 1998, and her expertise includes project and contract management, environmental compliance documentation, GIS analysis, map … Read More

William Hayden M.A., RPA, GISP

GIS Manager Archaeologist Mr. Hayden has over 27 years of archaeological experience focused in California and Arizona with ten years of experience in archaeological Project/Field management. Since 1989, he has worked at a variety of private archaeological firms, the US … Read More

Nick Doose M.A.

Vice President GIS Manager, Archaeologist Mr. Doose has 14 years of professional archaeological theory and methods. His field experience incorporates large-scale surveys for projects throughout Southern California and Baja, Mexico. Additional experience includes excavations, site evaluations and research of archaeological … Read More

Alberto Foglia M.A., RPA

Archaeologist GIS Specialist Alberto Bello Foglia is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with 8 years of experience in archaeological fieldwork and research. He has conducted and participated in environmental compliance services throughout Central and Southern California. He has extensive experience in … Read More

Annemarie Cox

Archaeologist Marketing Specialist Ms. Cox has over 25 years of experience working in the cultural resource management field. Her responsibilities have included customized proposal and qualification packet preparation for large scale utility projects, geodatabase development for cultural and historical architectural … Read More

Douglas Mengers M.A., RPA

Senior Archaeologist GIS Specialist Mr. Mengers is a senior archaeologist with 10 years of experience. His extensive experience in Southern California archaeology and history has strengthened his knowledge of methods and theory of historical archaeology. His special interest in historic … Read More