What We Do


Government and Private Sector Clients benefit from PanGIS, Inc.'s ability to deliver high quality solutions to industry needs

Cultural Resource Management and Archaeology

  • Archaeological and Historical Surveys and Reports
  • Cultural Resource Inventories (Including Phase II and III)
  • Cultural Resource Construction Monitoring and Reporting
  • Excavation, Testing, and Data Recovery Programs
  • Historic-era Structure Surveys and Documentation, HABS/HAER
  • Historic and Archival Research, Historic Contexts
  • Cultural Resources Management Plans, MOA, MOU
  • Determination of Eligibility for National, State, and Local Registers
  • Section 106 Cultural Resource Overviews
  • Tribal Consultation, AB 52/ SB 18
  • Lab Analysis and Curation

GIS Consultation

  • ArcGIS Data Management
  • Database Creation and Update
  • Web Mapping Applications
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Resource Density Mapping
  • Custom GIS Modeling and Analysis
  • Constraints/Opportunity Analysis
  • Environmental Resource GIS Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
  • ArcCollector/Survey123 Applications
  • Cartography
  • 3D Modeling
  • Viewshed Analysis


Information, infrastructure and best practices

The PanGIS has at its disposal all the facilities, equipment, and technical expertise necessary to conduct any type of cultural resource management study requested. All hardware and software for word processing, accounting, project management, quantitative and statistical analyses, graphics and mapping are available and maintained in excellent working condition. PanGIS’ business inventory includes state-of-the-art GPS equipment and GIS work-stations that complement graphics and mapping capabilities. PanGIS implements the use of UAS-based low-level aerial data collection technologies as it applies to cultural resource management.

PanGIS strives to utilize the most current mapping technology and the latest techniques in data collection. Staff utilizes ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced which includes ArcGIS Online and advanced data analysis and conversion tools. PanGIS has a maintenance subscription, we always have the latest version of ArcGIS. In the field, PanGIS uses a combination of iPads, Android tablets, and GPS units to collect data, creating customized user interfaces when needed. PanGIS possesses multiple Trimble GeoXH handheld GPS units and the accompanying processing software that allows for quick in-field mapping of over 3,000 separate points to submeter accuracy.

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