DPV2 serves as a vital transmission highway for connecting several large-scale solar and conventional generation projects in eastern Riverside County, with a large majority of land managed by BLM. PanGIS provided a number of different services including Cultural Resource Management (Archaeology/History) and Geospatial Services for this multi-year project. PanGIS personnel co-authored the Historic Properties Management Plan and were responsible for recording a number of historic districts and archaeological sites. Responsibilities also included the identification, cataloging, and curation for all historic artifacts recovered from the project, providing construction monitors, writing DPR forms, and technical, descriptive reports.

The Geospatial services included GIS data analysis, Geodatabase creation and update, and GIS support services.  PanGIS mapped all of the cultural resources and areas of previous survey along the route based on past studies. The resulting geodatabase was used in conjunction with other environmental layers and engineering data to determine structure placement to avoid environmental impacts.  Working with other firms, PanGIS completed environmental surveys and completed an update of the geodatabase. Produced graphics, and performed geospatial analysis to determine areas to avoid during construction.  For survey and during construction monitoring, provisioned tablets with custom GIS software allowing field technicians to record GIS data, place fencing around environmentally sensitive areas, protect environmentally sensitive areas, record daily forms for SCE and others, and have a wealth of pertinent information at their fingertips.  PanGIS was updating the Geodatabases in real time as new information arrived from the field and engineering data changed.  As final products, PanGIS updated all of the geodatabases to SCE’s new GIS Schema and produced thousands of report graphics.

  • Year: 2010-2014
  • Client: SCE