A large scale project with the completion of a regional analysis and synthesis of existing records and data that have been developed as a result of multiple SDG&E and non-SDG&E related projects. The development in this region has generated a voluminous amount of records, reports and geographic spatial data on historical and prehistoric cultural resources. Several in-depth reports have been written based on this project. The Society for California Archaeology 2014 and 2015 Annual Conferences included symposiums on topics from this regional study.

PanGIS, working with ASM Affiliates, is making use of sophisticated theory-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) modeling tools to investigate the prehistoric cultural landscapes in the region of Jacumba Valley, McCain Valley, and Ocotillo in South Eastern San Diego County, and South Western Imperial County. PanGIS designed a custom database that records detailed attributes for all of the cultural resources within the two hundred thousand acre study area. Staff are using various regional data including slope, aspect, soils, vegetation, geology, and hydrology, to model site distribution and settlement patterns and make a strong contribution to history and prehistory of the region and of the American southwest.