Excavation for the Harbor View Hilton Hotel along San Diego’s waterfront in 2014 uncovered a small flat-bottom iron-clad wooden boat. It was overturned and lay on the former mud flat level, approximately 30 feet below today’s street level. The boat was intact, with no obvious hull damage, but because it was stripped of all deck hardware, identification of the boat’s function was inhibited.

PanGIS provided staff archaeologists and an historian for this project. Staff were responsible for historic research and excavating the remains of a boat buried beneath the City of San Diego.  The resource was recorded during the excavation using a high-precision GPS. PanGIS staff were major contributors to the project report and DPR Form, and also produced the GIS database and created report maps. Extended research on the cultural property resulted in professional presentations for the Society for California Archaeology and the San Diego County Archaeological Society.