SDG&E is constructing a new 230 kV transmission line between the Sycamore Canyon and Peñasquitos Substations. Portions of the new TL will be underground and run through residential neighborhoods, while other portions will run through military installations with UXO hazards. 

PanGIS is providing full-time CPUC qualified archaeological monitors for up to 300 days during construction. All monitors have completed SEAP (safety) training and attend tailboard meetings every scheduled shift. Staff communicate with project managers for job site supervision, assigned equipment used for specific task schedules and workflow expectations. The archaeological monitors will document compliance with the measures in the CRMMRP and Mitigation Measure Cultural Resource-1, APM CUL-1, and APM CUL-6PM. PanGIS is responsible for monitoring logs, final monitoring report, and DPR site forms