The All-American Canal System, located in the southeastern corner of California, consists of the Imperial Diversion Dam and Desilting Works, the 80-mile-long All-American Canal, the 123-mile-long Coachella Canal, and appurtenant structures. The system has the capacity, through water diversions from the Colorado River at Imperial Dam, to provide irrigation water for nearly 600,000 acres of land in the Imperial and Coachella Valleys. The project was to construct a 23-mile concrete lined canal parallel to the existing earthen canal, from one mile west of Pilot Knob to Drop 3. The new concrete lined section of the AAC will conserve 67,700 acre-feet per year of Colorado River water that was previously lost to seepage.

PanGIS, Inc. directed the creation of a Microsoft Access and GIS database of cultural resources and previous surveys within the study area. Created a portable, easy-to-use GIS system using MapView SVG for the client. With this system, the user can use an Internet browser to view the project area, survey areas, cultural resources, and background layers such as USGS quadrangles and aerial photos.